Roberto Malone Biography

Roberto Malone BiographyRoberto Malone: AKA (Bob Holmes,Bob Malone,Bod Malone,Frank Mallone,Mel Roberto,Pepino,Peppino,R. Malone,Robert Malone,Robert Malonene,Roberto,Roberto Mallone,Roberto Mel,Roberto Moreno,Roberto Pipino )
Birthday: October 31, 1956

Astrology: Scorpion
Birthplace: Turin ,
Years Active: 1987- 2011
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: Italian
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Christophe Clark, Richard Langin, Rocco Siffredi, Yves Baillat, Mario Salieri
Website: FaceBook


Roberto Malone BiographyRoberto Malone (born October 31, 1956 in Turin, Italy) is a porn actor. He is known as "Ron Jeremy from Europe". In activity since 1987 and he is married to porn actress Eva Falk (he has been boyfriend of porn actress Zara Whites).Malone’s looks are typically southern European: his hair – both on his head and body – is dark, and he is most often shot in scenes wearing fat gold bracelets, gold watches and gold chains, setting him off with a medallion man macho image vibe. His clean shaved 80s look has been interrupted occasionally, especially during the 90s and onwards, to include the occasional goatee or facial hair and his originally sturdy, stocky body has become fleshier with age, turning him into a typical daddy bear.Malone’s penis is distinct in that it is exceptionally thick and vascular (i.e. contains large, prominent veins and/or arteries that bulge above the corpi of the penis). His penis is a reported 6 inches (15 cm) in circumference (i.e. girth) at the midshaft. These features usually make Malone’s identification a giveaway, even in scenes where his face is absent.

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Vanessa del Rio : vintage hairy porn pictures

Vanessa del Rio : vintage hairy porn pictures

Dana Dylan sex : “Lisa Melendez Collection”

Name: Lisa Melendez Collection

Language: English

Duration: 118 min


Year: 1993

Country: United States

Actors: Tom Byron,John Leslie,Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,Frank James,Sasha Gabor,Buddy Love

Actress: Tracey Adams,Kristara Barrington,Rachel Ryan,Kimberly Carson,Gina Carrera,Tanya Fox,Elle Rio,Brittany Stryker,Alexa Park,Lisa Melendez,Dana Dylan,Leslie Winston

Categories: Dana Dylan sex, 1993, United States, English, Tracey Adams, Kristara Barrington, Rachel Ryan, Kimberly Carson, Gina Carrera, Tanya Fox, Elle Rio, Brittany Stryker, Alexa Park, Lisa Melendez, Dana Dylan, Leslie Winston, Tom Byron, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallace, Hershel Savage, Billy Dee, Frank James, Sasha Gabor, Buddy Love, Facial, Lesbian, Black, Latin, Asian

Though she was less prolific than girl Melissa, Latin Swedish Erotica sensation Lisa Melendez certainly made an impact on the cocks of many a die hard tit man. Lisa’s meaty udders swing through 10 unfogettable scenes of feverish XXX action in this 2 hour ode to this Latin Goddess! Lisa is joined by Leslie Winston, Kristara Barrington, Kimberly Carson and a host of popular 80’s studs in pussy lapping lesbo action, hedonistic orgies and deep fucking!


Classic porn 70s – “Fantasy Club of America”

Name: Fantasy Club of America

Year: 1975

Language: English

Duration: 58 min

Director: Richard Mailer

Country: United States

Actress: Arlana Blue,Sandy Fox,Heather Ellis,Suki Yu,Linda Trussell,Jo Ann Peters

Actors: Bobby Astor,Ashley Moore,Marc Stevens,Jeffrey Hurst,Robert Rose,John Lawrence,Barry Christian

Categories: Classic porn 70s, 1975, United States, English, Richard Mailer, Arlana Blue, Sandy Fox, Heather Ellis, Suki Yu, Linda Trussell, Jo Ann Peters, Bobby Astor, Ashley Moore, Marc Stevens, Jeffrey Hurst, Robert Rose, John Lawrence, Barry Christian, Clip, Interracial, Anal, Double Penetration, Black, Asian


Pamela Stanford videos in “Les chevaliers de la croupe”

Name: Les chevaliers de la croupe

Director: Francis Ledoyen

Country: France

Year: 1975

Language: French

Duration: 61 min

Actors: Muriel Joubert

Categories: Pamela Stanford videos, 1975, France, French, Francis Ledoyen, Claudine Beccarie, Ellen Earl, Beatrice Harnois, Pamela Stanford, Gilda Arancio, Cecile Carole, Muriel Joubert

Actress: Claudine Beccarie,Ellen Earl,Beatrice Harnois,Pamela Stanford,Gilda Arancio,Cecile Carole


English spanking classics – “Barbara Dare’s Surf Sand And Sex”

Name: Barbara Dare’s Surf Sand And Sex

Director: Gary Graver

Year: 1987

Country: United States

Duration: 76 min

Language: English

Actors: Tom Byron,Dan T Mann,Scott Irish,Derek Lane

Categories: English spanking classics, 1987, United States, English, Gary Graver, Keisha, Alicia Monet, Barbara Dare, Lauryl Canyon, Tami White, Alexa Park, Tom Byron, Dan T Mann, Scott Irish, Derek Lane, Facial, Latin

Actress: Keisha,Alicia Monet,Barbara Dare,Lauryl Canyon,Tami White,Alexa Park

Discovering the ultimate aphrodisiac. It’s a plot seen often before in adult features. But Essex and director Robert McCallum have taken this worn plot and dressed it up nicely with beautiful oily bodies, plenty of sunshine, a few comic scenes and lots of action in Barbara Dare’s Surf, Sand & Sex. Dare, looking tantalizing, develops Dare Tan Plus, a suntan lotion with a "plus." The plus is a Cajun swamp mixture which, when hit by sunlight, makes the wearer extremely promiscuous. With side kick Tom Byron (a good, funny performance), Dare sets up experiments on four women and three men to test out her motion lotion. This means plenty of sweaty, naked, oily bodies pumping away amidst the surf, sun and sand. Excellent outdoor photography captures every steamy detail for the viewer, who is treated to energetic performances from the entire cast. There’s some newer faces mixed in with the old pros, and everyone seems to be genuinely enjoyingthemselves. There’s even some tease involved, as the lotion gets a couple of the "guinea pigs" all worked up, and then someone douses them with water, diluting the desire. But we still get our fill of torridness with plenty of couplings and a hot video-ending orgy. Essex has come under the gun lately for putting out…well, let’s just say their recent product has not been up to par. But with Surf, Sand & Sex, this once top-of-the-charts company takes a step in the right direction. Surf, Sand & Sex presents a complete story, enthused performers and arousing sex in a well-made package. A refreshing change from the ho-hum "video" look.


Vintage porn picture gallery in Naked Scandal part 1

Vintage porn picture gallery in Naked Scandal part 1

Shannon Rush free porn : “Call Of The Wild”

Name: Call Of The Wild

Year: 1995

Director: Roy Karch

Language: English

Duration: 121 min

Country: United States

Actress: Heather Lee,Christi Lake,Lennox,Shannon Rush

Actors: Alex Sanders,Dave Hardman,Magnum

Categories: Shannon Rush free porn, 1995, United States, English, Roy Karch, Heather Lee, Christi Lake, Lennox, Shannon Rush, Alex Sanders, Dave Hardman, Magnum, Bald, Latin

How to make your boyfriend forget about work and stay with you? How to persuade your boss to give you a raise? How to make a romantic date unforgettable? What do girls do in a restroom together? What happens in a bar after closing time? The answer to all these question is sex! There’s nothing that a good blowjob and a passionate fucking session couldn’t fix! Watch the wild and insatiable girls enjoy life to the fullest and have as much pleasure as they can.


Heather Torrance pornstar in “Mistaken Identity”

Name: Mistaken Identity

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Tina Marie

Duration: 71 min

Year: 1989

Categories: Heather Torrance pornstar, 1989, United States, English, Tina Marie, Tianna, Stacy Lords, Charisma, Heather Torrance, Randy West, Billy Dee, Scott Irish, Black, Latin

Actors: Randy West,Billy Dee,Scott Irish

Actress: Tianna,Stacy Lords,Charisma,Heather Torrance

Every woman is a story, and every story has two sides. These guys love fucking every hot girl they can get their dick into – and they are willing to tell you and show you all about it! But the ladies wish to chime in too and they are the final judges as to whether or not the sex was worth it.


Anda Vartholomeou free porn : “6 Diestrammenes Zitoun Dolofono”

Name: 6 Diestrammenes Zitoun Dolofono

Country: Greece

Language: Greek

Director: Panagiotis Konstadinou

Year: 1976

Duration: 82 min

Actress: Anda Vartholomeou,Anestis Vlahos,Angeliki Kyriakaki

Categories: Anda Vartholomeou free porn, 1976, Greece, Greek, Panagiotis Konstadinou, Anda Vartholomeou, Anestis Vlahos, Angeliki Kyriakaki, Giannis Kandilas, Kleo Zamidis

Actors: Giannis Kandilas,Kleo Zamidis

They are tired of their boring jobs … but do they have what it takes to make the big-time? You betcha and they are huge! Meet the heavy-hootered honeys who’ll do anything to get into show business. When some Vegas producers hold auditions for a glitzy revue, these mammoth mammaried sex-machines show up for action! Soon, big-titted Trinity Loren takes on two randy cocksmen in hopes of being chosen. It’s bright lights, big titties and all out sexual warfare! May the best bust win!