Rossella Gracen ass – “Osmanische Sexsklavinnen”

Name: Osmanische Sexsklavinnen

Country: Germany

Director: Moli

Duration: 83 min

Year: 1991

Language: German

Actors: Christophe Clark,John Walton

Actress: Deborah Wells,Angelica Bella,Andrea Molnar,Christina Stevens,Rossella Gracen

Categories: Rossella Gracen ass, 1991, Germany, German, Moli, Deborah Wells, Angelica Bella, Andrea Molnar, Christina Stevens, Rossella Gracen, Christophe Clark, John Walton, Facial, Anal

This castle is full of surprise and full of horny women! These ladies just can’t get enough castle cock and they’re coming in twos! They’re not damsels in distress, the only qualm they have is that they don’t have enough cock inside them! Don’t forget to watch the hot threesome scene where two beautiful ladies team up and gobble cock like there’s no tomorrow!