Persia – Classic interracial porn videos

Persia - Classic interracial porn videos

Name: Anal International

Duration: 90 min

Language: English

Director: Sean Michaels

Year: 1992

Country: United States

Actress: Persia,Janet Jacme,Saki St. Jermaine,Mona Lisa,Samantha York,Lorrin Mick,Jaguar

Actors: Joey Silvera,Sean Michaels,Julian St. Jox,Ron Hightower

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Persia - Classic interracial porn videos

Starting in a cafe‚ in Amsterdam, the horny couples of the world seearch for the ultimate sensation of anal sex. Doing it in the rear hole thrills them to extremes so they do it hard and long and you’ll love every nasty scene.


Victoria Paris : Classic interracial porn videos

Victoria Paris : Classic interracial porn videos

Name: Night Trips

Country: United States

Year: 1989

Language: English

Director: Andrew Blake

Duration: 130 min

Actress: Victoria Paris,Porsche Lynn,Tori Welles,Jamie Summers

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Actors: Peter North,Ray Victory,Randy Spears,Mark DeBruin

Victoria Paris : Classic interracial porn videos

It’s midnight and Tori Welles can’t relax. Her relentless, subconscious fantasies are driving her to the brink of a sexual breakdown. But with the help of a high-tech Mindscan Imager, two dedicated scientists plan to turn her Night Trips into reality. One sizzling erotic fantasy after another erupts while Tori is hooked up to the incredible machine. Frantic, anonymous sex girl/girl sensuality and interracial lust are just some of her mind-blowing dreams. The depths of passion are shocking! Can Tori gain control? Sometimes fantasy can become reality and just as hot!


Classic interracial porn videos in “Banana Splits”

Name: Banana Splits

Year: 1988

Language: English

Director: Eduardo Dinero

Duration: 79 min

Country: United States

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Actors: Tom Byron,Ray Victory,Scott Irish

Actress: Nina DePonca,Tiffany Storm,Brittany Stryker,Tammy Reynolds

Mmmmmmm… Chocolate! A classic you don’t want to miss!


Classic interracial porn videos : “China Doll”

Name: China Doll

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Warren Evans

Year: 1975

Duration: 51 min

Actress: Vanessa Del Rio,Barbara Jean,Sunshine,Bonnie Gentrey

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Actors: Ashley Moore,Russ Carlson,Alan Marlow,John Bush,Leo Lovemore,Eberhard Ellis

Vanessa Del Rio’s first film! In young Vanessa’s first XXX scene she sucks two cocks at once and then is deeply penetrated in both holes! So this is a great film for all you double penetration lovers.


Classic interracial porn videos in “Hurlements De Plaisir”

Name: Hurlements De Plaisir

Country: Italy

Director: Serge Korber

Year: 1976

Duration: 84 min

Language: Italian

Actors: Alban Ceray,Richard Lemieuvre,Gabriel Pontello,Cyril Val,Carmelo Petix,Gilbert Servien,Charlie Schreiner,Madou Sall,Michel Dauba,Alain Saury,Didier Faya,Brendan Reed

Actress: Liliane Lemieuvre,Marie-Christine Chireix,Claude Janna,Sylvia Bourdon,Jocelyne Clairis,Marlene Myller,Nathalie Morin,Marion Schultz,Ingrid d’Eve,Veronique Aubert

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Doctor Berger and his lover Sylvia, dream of shooting a hard core movie that would show the perfection of a man and a woman in sex action. They are took by Etienne, who brings them to an old castle. Etienne, first action Sylvia in the car, then breakes them to have sex in different position and after inviting friends he records all the sounds, breaths, sighs, groans, cries or yells of pleasure emitted by the couples having sex. Doctor Berger likes Etienne’s approach and proposes Etienne to shoot together the film of his dream. They organize a big orgy that they film and record together. They then realize that it is impossible to reproduce the infinity of desire, stop the shooting and leave for a walk in the country.


Candy Samples sex in “More Than A Handful 1”

Name: More Than A Handful 1


Duration: 87 min


Language: English

Year: 1985

Actress: Candy Samples,Honey Wilder,Lotta Topp

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Actors: Ron Jeremy,Jerry Butler

If you’ve ever wondered why big busts are our natural fetish, one look at Cindy Samples in action will clue you in! She’s just one of the glamorous cleavage queens, sharing the spotlight with some of the best hung studs in this totally explicit, continuous action collection of top heavy, meat stuffed vignettes.Also appearing in this series about bosomy adult stars, their erotic art, and enormous appetites are, Lotta Topp, sweet and sexy Honey Wilder, sizzling Cyndee Summers and more! And to serve their endless needs are a stable of hardcore stallions, picked for size, staying power and strength. There has never been a better series for the hard action, big bust connoisseur!