Vintage lesbian seduction porn : “Kiss of the Gypsy”

Name: Kiss of the Gypsy

Director: Paul Vatelli

Language: English

Year: 1985

Duration: 72 min

Country: United States

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Actress: Christy Canyon,Honey Wilder,Tess Ferre,Ami Rodgers,April May,Jade Nichols,Sheri St. Clair

Actors: Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Hershel Savage,Kevin James,Chuck Martin

Cum get a tarot reading that will open your eyes to a whole new point of view about sex. This gypsy takes a look at her deck and reminisces of five couples that she’s known. In scene one a beautiful girl breaks up with her boyfriend, but she finds comfort in the arms of her new lesbian lover!


Vintage lesbian seduction porn in “Wall To Wall”

Name: Wall To Wall

Duration: 75 min

Country: United States

Director: Tony Valentino

Year: 1985

Language: English

Actors: Steve Drake,Rick Savage,Dan T Mann,Jeff Bonner

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Actress: Bunny Bleu,Tanya Nordic,Mary Fields,Lois Pierce,Ginger Saxon


Vintage lesbian seduction porn : “Breast Worx 18”

Name: Breast Worx 18

Duration: 70 min

Language: English

Year: 1992

Country: United States

Director: Bobby Hollander

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Actress: Erica Boyer,Angela Summers,Fawn Miller,Monique Hall

Actors: Woody Long,Boy Toy,Rod

How does Angela Summers do it? Not only is she the official custodian and caretaker of a pair of America’s best chi-chi’s, but she manages to find time to share them with Boy Toy. Monique Hall is a statuesque work of art. Rod loves Fawn Miller’s big tits. Watch the hot action in this blast from the past!


Vintage lesbian seduction porn in “Dangerous Women”

Name: Dangerous Women

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Carlos DeSantos

Year: 1986

Duration: 71 min

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Actress: Nina Hartley,Amber Lynn,Sharon Mitchell,Tigr,Gabriella,Tiffany DuPonte

Actors: Joey Silvera,Jamie Gillis,Ed Navarro,Jon Martin,Gary Vann


Vintage lesbian seduction porn : “Let’s Play Doctor”

Name: Let’s Play Doctor

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 82 min

Year: 1994

Actress: Kaitlyn Ashley,Anna Malle,Isis Nile,Kitty Yung,Barbara Doll

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Actors: Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,Buck Adams,TT Boy

A man thinks his girl may be a nymphomaniac, so he checks her into a clinic for rehabilitation. However, instead of curing her of her "affliction", she seems to be spreading it to the clinic’s staff.


Vintage lesbian seduction porn : “Pussyman 1”

Name: Pussyman 1

Director: David Christopher

Duration: 94 min

Country: United States

Year: 1993

Language: English

Actors: Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,David Christopher,Will Divide,Gene Ross

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Actress: Porsche Lynn,Bionca,Melanie Moore,Leanna Foxx,Rebecca Bardoux,Lacy Rose,Lilli Xene,Summer Knight


Vintage lesbian seduction porn : “Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?”

Name: Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?

Director: John T. Bone

Duration: 76 min

Language: English

Year: 1989

Country: United States

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Actress: Victoria Paris,Stacy Lords,Mandi Wine,Cory Wolf,Jessica Bogart

Actors: Randy West,Jon Dough,Robert Bullock

Blonde sex bomb Victoria Paris stars as Rosie in this titillating take-off on the animated mega-hit. It seems Rosie likes to watch cartoons all day long, but her boyfriend Robert Bullock is getting tired of constantly viewing innocent animation. He wants to see some sex, so he flips through the channels until he finds what he’s looking for. The only problem is that Rosie has no interest in the sexual shenanigans and would much rather live in her fantasy world all the live-long day. Eventually, the erotic flicks on her television inspire her to engage in some very animated antics with her finally satisfied lover. This is a fun one and a good choice for couples with its natural, unkinky, romantic sex scenes.


Vintage lesbian seduction porn in “Golden Age Of Porn: Jeanna Fine”

Name: Golden Age Of Porn: Jeanna Fine


Language: English


Country: United States

Duration: 56 min

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Actors: Mike Horner,Jon Dough,F.M. Bradley,Buddy Love,Guy DiSilva

Actress: Nina Hartley,Jeanna Fine,Tami Monroe,Chris Collins

Golden Age Of Porn Jeanna Fine porn Jeanna Fine had a mystique about her that made her a favorite with all adult connoisseurs. Golden Age Of Porn Jeanna Fine DVD video She was famous for her boy/girl scenes and was spectacular in her girl-on-girl scenes! If you love old classic porn, you’ll need this one in your collection.


Marie-Christine Guennec fucking in “Thoroughly Modern Mary-Magdelene”

Name: Thoroughly Modern Mary-Magdelene

Director: Alain Payet

Country: France

Year: 1976

Language: French

Duration: 86 min

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Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Carmelo Petix,Robert Le Ray,Jacques Couderc,Jean Tolzac,Bernard Hug,Richard Bigotini,Rudy Lenoir,Stephane Saratoga,Henri Guega

Actress: Marie-Christine Chireix,Marie-Christine Guennec,Pamela Stanford,Corinne Lemoine,Carmen Le Saicherre,Antonella Caneri,Pinky Queen

Marie-Madeleine (Corrine Lemoine) is an assistant in a lingerie shop where the manager charges male customers to view the ladies’ changing rooms through a two-way mirror. Another assistant, Mandarine, is not averse to putting on a lesbian show with female customers, but Marie-Madeleine objects strongly when a male customer tries it on with her. However, she later meets Richard Lemieuvre in a bar and has a one-night stand with him. She wakes up alone to find some bank notes on her dressing table. One of her customers had been a prostitute and she later meets her in a café. She admits to having been glad of the money and her former customer introduces her to a madame. She is then drawn into the life of a prostitute, though she has feelings of guilt about this career, especially as she receives little respect from her clients. This culminates in her attendance at a sex party with Richard Lemieuvre who reveals that she is a prostitute and where she is then gang-banged. Hence she ends up with bandaged wrists in a hospital bed, but the words of her doctor seem to give her a more optimistic outlook.