Bridgette Monroe movies in “Spellbound”

Name: Spellbound

Director: Tony Vincent

Country: United States

Year: 1992

Language: English

Duration: 70 min

Categories: Bridgette Monroe movies, 1992, United States, English, Tony Vincent, Zara White, Brittany Morgan, Teri Weigel, Bridgette Monroe, Barbie Doll, Peter North, Tom Byron, Randy West, Murrill Maglio, Facial

Actress: Zara White,Brittany Morgan,Teri Weigel,Bridgette Monroe,Barbie Doll

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,Randy West,Murrill Maglio

There’s this one particular house that Teri Weigel seems to get drawn to, no matter what. She’s house sitting for it in the Barlow Affair, next she’s getting screwed in it by Joey Silvera in Lingerie Busters. Now, she’s house sitting for the same place again In Spellbound, Weigel might as well buy the damn place and rent It out to the video companies and make some money. Interestingly, Spellbound has an oomph more pizazz than Barlow Affair, and I mention this because both projects were helmed by the team of Patti Rhodes and Fred Lincoln, and have, intrinsically, the same look about them. Plain and simply, it’s the sexual chemistry that puts this one over the top.