Andrea Kiss free porn – “Sex Shop Exzesse”

Name: Sex Shop Exzesse

Year: 1993

Language: German

Director: Hugo Bataille

Duration: 80 min

Country: Germany

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Actress: Lara Sanchez,Holly Black,Vanessa D’Angelly,Andrea Kiss,Marine Kartier,Jeraldine Page,Anna Star

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Ray Victory,Joey Murphy,Franco Roccaforte,Olaf Tanner,Toni Ferrara,Toni Veleti,Sylvester Marshell

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Tuppy Owens fucking in “Sensations”

Name: Sensations

Country: Netherlands

Year: 1975

Language: German

Duration: 138 min

Director: Lasse Braun

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Actors: Robert Le Ray,Bent Rohweder,Nico Wolferstetter,Jean-Claude Sadient,Claudio Rosso,John Wilson,Pierre Latour,Patrick Andersen,Patrick Anderson,Mexican Anonymous

Actress: Brigitte Maier,Nicole Velna,Dawn Cummings,Frederique Barral,Nathalie Morin,Veronique Monod,Tania Busselier,Eva Quang,Helga Trixi,Tuppy Owens,Trixie Heinen

She’s got a lustful craving deep inside that needs to be filled. In Amsterdam, a young woman is shown the liberated European approach to sex in pairs, in groups and in parties. This film caused quite the stir at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975! Shown at the Cannes Film Festival, it became the first European porn film to become a hit in America and had full-page ads in the New York City papers.