Lesbian vintage hairy hot in “Viper’s Place”

Name: Viper’s Place

Language: English

Director: Bob Vosse

Year: 1988

Country: United States

Duration: 128 min

Actress: Nina Hartley,Erica Boyer,Viper,Siobhan Hunter,Mauvais DeNoir,Betty Boobs

Categories: Lesbian vintage hairy hot, 1988, United States, English, Bob Vosse, Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer, Viper, Siobhan Hunter, Mauvais DeNoir, Betty Boobs, Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, Facial, Bald, Lesbian, Black

Actors: Tom Byron,Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Billy Dee

Ever wonder what porn stars do when they’re away from the camera? This hotter than hot video boldly reveals the answer. So enter, if you dare, the notorious and infamous cellar club of wild and wanton wickedness run by voracious and insatiable Viper. Here you’ll see acts of unbridled lust, lewdness, and lasciviousness performed by Viper and porndom’s high priestesses of erotic passion, Nina Hartley and Erica Boyer…


Tyffany Million : Lesbian vintage hairy hot

Tyffany Million : Lesbian vintage hairy hot

Name: Pops

Language: English

Duration: 74 min

Year: 1994

Director: Nic Cramer

Country: United States

Categories: Lesbian vintage hairy hot, Tyffany Million, 1994, United States, English, Nic Cramer, Tyffany Million, Patricia Kennedy, Jasper, Chante, Ron Jeremy, Cal Jammer, Tony Tedeschi, Julian St. Jox, Jace Rocker, Lesbian, Black

Actress: Tyffany Million,Patricia Kennedy,Jasper,Chante

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Cal Jammer,Tony Tedeschi,Julian St. Jox,Jace Rocker

Tyffany Million : Lesbian vintage hairy hot


Stacey Donovan in Lesbian vintage hairy hot

Name: Outlaw Women

Duration: 86 min

Country: United States

Director: Bruce Seven

Year: 1984

Language: English


Categories: Lesbian vintage hairy hot, Stacey Donovan, 1984, United States, English, Bruce Seven, Stacey Donovan, Becky Savage, Bridgette Royalle, Christina Rhay, Modesty Gold, Lesbian

Actress: Stacey Donovan,Becky Savage,Bridgette Royalle,Christina Rhay,Modesty Gold

Stacey Donovan in Lesbian vintage hairy hot

On their way to a fun-filled weekend, three girls and a tantalizing pick-up (Tracy Donovan), become lost and end up in a secluded house. Without realizing, they have stumbled into an outlaw’s hideout. The girls fall into the hands (and bodies) of the returning bikers. What follows is sex and more sex that defies the wildest imagination.


Pam Snyder naked : “A Prayer For The Fucking”

Name: A Prayer For The Fucking

Year: 1990

Language: German

Country: Germany

Director: Hans-Jurgen Traebert

Duration: 53 min

Categories: Pam Snyder naked, 1990, Germany, German, Hans-Jurgen Traebert, Tracey Adams, Pam Snyder, Effi Balconi, Debby Diamond, Marc Wallace, Sasha Gabor, Patrick Naumann, Dave Hell

Actress: Tracey Adams,Pam Snyder,Effi Balconi,Debby Diamond

Actors: Marc Wallace,Sasha Gabor,Patrick Naumann,Dave Hell

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